What makes your ‘Personal Project’ successful? 

The International Baccalaureate (IB) has a project for the Middle Years Programme Year 5 termed as the personal project. You must be thinking about ‘what is so personal about this project that makes it so important to be completed?’ Let’s keep those thoughts away for now!

The personal project in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) Year 5 is to use the knowledge gained in the entire Middle years programme from year 1 onwards till year 5. The project is a 8 months project starting from the end of MYP 4 till midway MYP5. The topic of the project is chosen by the students in their own interests. They are free to choose their own Global Context and Approaches To Learning (ATL) skill that are related to the projects Criteria for success. The students can relate their projects to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).  The project is assessed on four different criteria:


  1. Students should be able to:
  2. Define a clear goal and Global Context for the project, based on personal interests.
  3. Identify prior learning and subject-specific knowledge relevant to the project
  4. Demonstrate research skills.


  1. Students should be able to:
  2. Develop criteria for the product/outcome.
  3. Plan and record the development process of the project
  4. Demonstrate self-management skills.

Taking action

  1. Student should be able to:
  2. Create a product/outcome in response to the goal, Global Context and criteria.
  3. Demonstrate thinking skills
  4. Demonstrate communication and social skills.


  1. Students should be able to:
  2. Evaluate the quality of the products/success of the outcome against their criteria
  3. Reflect on how completing the project has extended their knowledge and understanding of the topic and the global context.
  4. Reflect on their develop as IB leaders through the project.
This depicts my topic for the Personal Project as photography


When choosing a particular topic for the personal project, make sure the topic is related to your interest. For eg : You might love sketching in visual arts. So you might choose a topic related to sketching like developing a sketch book. However, the content that includes everything in the project needs to developed by you.

Through the personal Project, I have gained a great understanding of thinking skills and resource management which would help me succeed for future projects. – Steve Biju John

Questions to consider personal Project

  • What do I want to achieve through my personal project?
  • What do I want others to understand through my work?
  • What impact do I want my project to have?
  • How can a specific context give greater purpose to my project?

Here are some tips to make your Personal Project Successful

  • Plan what you want in your final product
  • Make sure the final product has a message for the  viewers.
  • Keep your process journal filled. The more entries your write, the more answers you get to your questions.
  • Have a custom timeline made that includes when you want to complete a particular part of the project.
  • While researching, search from reliable sources.
  • Reflect on what went wrong in the process and how did you improve it.

For more information of the personal project. Check out the blog Miss Laura England here on WordPress. The blog gives a lot of information on what to do and not to do in the personal project. Various examples through videos give viewers the necessary details to work in their personal project.

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